News, Facts & Gossip about Stage Fright

Stage Fright hits Eva Green

Who is not aware of the beauty and talent of Eva Green? Recently she has been in the news for her mishap on the stage at her native place. During a show in France, stage fright smacked her suddenly and she was completely lost on stage while walking on the ramp. Eva Green takes this event in her life as a nightmare. She told in an interview that she has always feared this moment but could not avoid it. She admitted that she wanted to die after this but now she is trying hard to forget this moment forever. It will take some time to overcome the harm that this incident brought about in her career. But luckily recently, she has some work on TV and film by some reputed people. This will definitely help her in developing the shattered confidence once again.

Stage fright on the beach, boy!

Well not on the beach, but the Beach Boys. Yes, yet another famous artist who suffers from stage fright: Brian Wilson - the creative head of the groundbreaking 60s boy band. Wilson now is 68 and still performing live. Everyone would have expected that the fear shrunk to a wee twinkle, only noticeable in the very second before the concert, if ever. Again it's true, no matter how successful and genius you are. No matter if people love you for what you do on stage, and attest it a thousand times. There is no guarantee to get free of stage fright automatically. Even not with years of practice;-( Unfortunately, Wilson will soon give his last concert. He states that he is "...getting a little bit old for touring" and that he is always afraid just before he goes on stage because he is "... not sure how the concert's going to work." If he had only listened to the mp3 to quit stage fright, for sure, he could have enjoyed his gigs much more, as the audience has done. Get the last tickets or, at least, a record and then have "Fun, Fun, Fun"!

How the Body Reacts to Stage Fright?

Everyone in his or her life faces stage fear at one point or the other. Our body has a specific system to react to different situations. So how does our body react to fear and fright? In such situations, anxiety makes our body and brain to react together to deal with this situation. Activation of sympathetic system in the body makes our adrenal glands to release epinephrine and norepinephrine which, in turn have multiple effects on different parts of our body. The pupils get dilated and heart rate/respiratory is increased. Moreover, the blood pressure of the person having stage fear is elevated in order to supply more oxygen to the essential tissues of the body by dilating the blood vessels of those vital organs whereas contracting the blood vessels of other organs. Stored glycogen in the liver begins to be released as glucose in order to help you flee from your “Fright/Flight” situation. Blushing, sweating, dry mouth and tremors are some other associating symptoms of fright response. In short, a small amount of these extra hormones creates a chaos in our body.