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Most common Stage Fright in Men

Have you ever faced panic while urination at ballpark urinals? Then you do not have to worry anymore, because there is a cure to it. You will never believe, but this is one of the most common fears experienced by men at all times. Most of the people think that there are purely psychological reasons behind this dilemma faced by men. However, let me tell you that this fear is a resultant of three things out of which two are physical while the third one is psychological. One thing that you must avoid is the extensive intake of bear and other beverages that cause swelling prostrate. The most important thing that makes a man anxious at the bowl is the paruresis. Paruresis is also known as the shy bladder syndrome, which is responsible for the stage fright in men at the urinals at public places. Can you imagine that about seventeen million American men suffer from this panic? It is hard to believe, but it is true. If you are one of them, do not bother anymore because you are not alone.

Why Stage Fright is widespread?

Do you have any idea why most of the people are scared of performing on the stage? Do you know that stage panic is more common than the horror of death? Yes, this is true! People are more anxious for speaking in public than dying. The lack of freedom with growing age is the major reason behind this common dread. A child is not afraid of doing anything in front of hundreds of people because he feels the freedom that adults do not. Another reason is the thought of unknown. It is human nature that we get panicked in the situation where we do not know what to expect. The same is the situation with the stage act. We cannot predict the response of the crowd, and we feel anxious. We also feel alarm about a situation where we possibly can get embarrassed in front of a great number of people. This is the reason that most of the people feel apprehension before facing the spectators.

Blushing - A general indicator of stage anxiety

Dissimilar, people behave differently in various situations. However, it has been noticed that while facing a situation like stage fright, most people blush. Different experiments have been carried out on this subject in the past. One of the most common assumptions made by scientists is that the stage fright of a person increases with the increase of the audience' size. The first analysis of blushing while performing was presented in the year 1872 by Darwin. A variety of experiments has proven that when the number of spectators increases, the cheeks get hotter and people blush. The same is the situation with ear coloration, skin conductance, and cheek temperature. What do you feel while delivering a speech in front of your best friend? It is most likely that you feel relaxed. However, the question arises if you do feel the same in front of a hall full of students? Your answer would surely be "NO". This is the impact of an increase in the number of spectators.