News, Facts & Gossip about Stage Fright

Autogenic relaxation to reduce signs of stage fright

The main character of the stage fright, as of many other fears and phobias, is increased body tension. This is often times accompanied by shallow but fast breathing, shivering and sweating hands. It seems promising to tread stage fright with tension relieving methods. A quite simple method that is applied by many psychologists to tread fears is autogenic relaxation or autogenic training. One flavor of that training is the technique proposed by Schultz: one has to sit down in a silent room, close the eyes and then mentally progress through the body. Beginning with the right hand you go further to the arm, chest, the left hand, belly, and the legs. At each point you imaginary breathe relaxation to it and say a short formula like “my arm relaxes”. Already after the first session one will sense a greater level of relaxation. The clue is, after weeks of training, the formulas and imaginations are mentally connected to relaxation and can be applied to automatically induce a relaxed state. The next time you stand on stage or in front of an audience you can simply think of the formulas and reduce stage fright. Although, you may not be capable to willingly forget about the fear, the autogenic training gives you kind of a switch to turn down your tension.

Stage Fright hits professionals

Stage fear is a problem which also affects the professionals. Stage fright is a situation that can strike anyone anywhere. No matter how much professional and experienced one may be. It is natural to get stage fright at any time. Many professionals sometimes get stage fear and often are unable to find a remedy for it. Stage fright overcomes them sometimes and they act like jerks. They lose their control of their own nerves and start acting in an awkward manner. As a result of stage fear many professionals have suffered from heavy losses financially and have caused damage to their repute as well. But with experience, many learn to control their behavior on stage. The important thing is that the person suffering from stage fright must find out the ways to cope with the situation. Mind can be trained accordingly to get rid of stage fear easily.

Tips to overcome stage fear.

For overcoming the issue of stage fears, firstly we have to point out the fact that why this fear hits us. Once the pinpoint highlighted in our lives, it becomes easier for us to work on it. Such sorts of fear also arise in singers' lives and spoil their careers, as this fright is a big hurdle while performing best in every walk of life. In these articles singers can find a handful of tips to overcome stage fear. The most essential thing to overcome stage fear is to practice. Once you carry out yourself with great practice you will likely not face such issues anymore. Along with this positivity it is also significant that a positive attitude towards the crowd will provide enough strength and daring to achieve your best. Singers should memorize the songs in such a manner that there will be no possibility of blunder and prefer the most adequate music that enhances their strengths and, at the same time, shows off the areas of expertise as well. All these mentioned issues will actually work out to reduce the anxiety of singers and facilitate them in overcoming stage fright.