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Hello, I am Konrad, 29 years and I am passionate about playing guitar and singing. You know these nice evenings: a couple of friends, a delicious barbeque, a campfire. Then someone takes his guitar out and plays everybody's favorite tunes. I love these moments! Although, for my stage fright, I am very hesitant to be this guy.

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Advanced features

.. which increase effectiveness and speed up overcoming stage anxiety even more.
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binaural beats for brain synchronization
thus, advanced absorption of beneficial suggestions
subliminal audio messages as second layer to tackle your fright
high quality 24bit audio mixing

Overcoming Your Fright - suggestive mp3 - for $27 only $17
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You may ask "Does it really work?"

Scientifically proven techniques

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Secondary benefits

For my part, the mp3 got me back to play guitar and sing in front of others. My voice is now more confident than ever before.

And know what? I finally got in sync with that beautiful girl ;-)


The suggestive audio session is the right thing for you to stop stage anxiety? Then wait what I have to offer you on top of that. You will love these free bonuses that will be delivered with the anti-stage fear session.


To really succeed with overcoming stage fear you have to practice regularly. What if you don't have enough time each day? For this case, I have compiled a highly effective 6 minute version of the audio session. When on a hurry, simply use this. I like to call it 'mental espresso', because it's like this small Italian cup of coffee: quick, powerful and refreshing. You can do these 6 minutes before getting up in the morning and 6 minutes before falling asleep in the night. It's nearly as effective as the long version of the audio. And surely much better than only practicing every second or third day with the long version.

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Stage nervousness is based on the worry of doing mistakes and looking foolish. However, despite a perfect preparation you don't trust yourself and your skills, and thus, still feel stage fear. It was shown that people with a low self-confidence suffer stage anxiety more often and more intensely than others.

Fear not, if you belong to these kind of people! I got something cool for you.

My report "30 Sure Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence"


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So let me sum it up. Here is what you get, when you decide to stop your stage nervousness with my suggestive audio session:

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$17 (offer)

Is this a bargain, or is this a bargain?

Are you ready to rock and roll? Take action and Overcome Your Fright in a few clicks! Download the suggestive mp3 and begin to re-gain your brain in 10 minutes!

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$27   +   $20   +   $15  
=   $62 (regular price)  
$17 (offer)

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