Overcome Stage Apprehension

Basic Tips I

3. Checked pattern of performance

Don't think this is square! Do a list of all possible pitfalls of your presentation. What if: you put coffee on your shirt, your presentation doesn't open on their computer, the batteries are empty, ...?

There is always a solution for these problems. Often, there are many solutions. Be sure to have them ready. Prepare it pedantically. More pedantically than you are usually: heavily pedantically.

When you are done, there won't be a chance of doubt to start the self-enhancing stage fear effect again. You have walked these paths of thinking before and you have free brain resources for nice things again. Congratulations, you know how to get over stage fright!

4. Overcome stage fear by relaxing

The signs of fright are opposite to the ones of relaxation. So, simply put tranquility against stage nervousness. Fright was already automatized when we lived in the crude nature and the "fight or flight" decided on our survival.

Sadly, relaxation rather has to be practiced. However, the reward is immense. Next to stress reduction and well-being of the body you can benefit from better sleep, better mood, less pain from tense neck and shoulders and many more.

Scientists found that relaxation can even prolong your life span [1]. Some easy advice to relax are: Be aware of your tongue and your shoulders every once in a while. Let go of the tensions in the muscles in them. Other focal points of tensions are lips and eyes.

Basically, switch to belly breathing as often as possible. This activates your parasympathetic nervous system whose responsibility is regeneration and rest.

Scientists found that this so-called diaphragmatic breathing reduces oxidative stress and this way could keep from danger by free radicals [2].

Relaxation can reduce nervousness and is the first answer on how to overcome the fright.

5. Don't check in last-minute

In continuation of the above mentioned pedantic check list, you will appear with a lot of time before the performance begins. This way you can remove the problems and pitfalls.

Otherwise, the lack of time can cause panic that increases your stage nervousness. Contrarily, there are also people who prefer to have very few time. The organizational load distracts them from their nervousness and aids them to overcome stage fear.

This may work. Especially when you are a last-second-finisher. However, don't leave very important things for this moment that could defeat you performing at all.

6. The audience - Gosh, they look so critically!

A major ingredient of stage apprehension is the fear of the audience. Here is some advice to reduce this fear. Pretend they are not there.

You could, for example, strictly look at your notes and sheets. It can take some time to really arrange this in your thoughts.

Nevertheless, make sure to acknowledge the audience' applause in the end of your performance.

Think about this: the audience is here for your presentation, not for you. They look at your character or the content of your performance not at you.

If you understand this, you can release all the tension and relax. Begin to enjoy your performance! Don't concentrate on the surface: if your tie sits right, your nervous hands, the view of the critical lady in the first row.

Enjoy the power of the show. With that attitude you are slowly overcoming stage apprehension.

Need some more Stage Fear Tips? Read on and get prepared for your next speech/gig.

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Stop Your Stage Apprehension Now!

[1] Bushell W.C. 2009. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1172:20-7. Longevity: potential life span and health span enhancement through practice of the basic yoga meditation regimen. (link)
[2] Martarelli D, Cocchioni M, Scuri S, Pompei P. 2009. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. Diaphragmatic Breathing Reduces Exercise-induced Oxidative Stress. (link)

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