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Get Over your Karaoke Stage Fright

Do you want to be a Karaoke singer but having problems with stage fear? What do you feel when you see someone singing in front of a huge audience? It has been observed that most of the people freeze when they are called upon the stage for singing. If you are one of those individuals, then you must consider the thought that it is possible to get over this dread. One thing that is important to understand is that there is no ultimate cure to this predicament. You can dilute it for some time but cannot overcome it permanently. The best way to get rid of stage fright is to be as methodically prepared as possible. Unfamiliar circumstances make a person feel panicked. Therefore, make the situation familiar by practicing repeatedly. Get a home karaoke machine and use it for working at your song. Evaluate your performance beforehand so that you can feel confidence and less stage anxiety when the time comes. If you cannot afford a karaoke machine, consider using the free program audacity, which offers the possibility to remove the voice from stereo songs.

Be the one who you want to be, also on stage

Often times, when people step on stage their person is completely changed. They play the overly cool guy who they are never in real time. Or they say things they would never dare to say if they met you alone. To some extent this behavior is natural. People are excited when being on stage. They may have stage fright or are overwhelmed by the chance to show their skills. It is an unusual situation. And so, it would be unusual not to behave unusually. However, when we exaggerate things too much, the audience can get irritated. In the worst case, the audience gets the impression you are arrogant. For really successful artists this may work and can promote attraction and interest. But, even though your duty is to be good and present extraordinary material on stage, people will be much more affected if you stay with your feet on the ground, or at least only three inches above. You better play and talk from the heart. Maybe, you can think in advance of how your presented character is and how far you can go. Revealing an honest and likeable person will foster compassion more reliably, and thus, brings enjoyment for the audience. Even more, don't be afraid of showing a bit stage fright. As long as it does not ruin the whole atmosphere or hampers your concentration, it will show once more that you are honest and a true and loveable person.

Fear of ending the world in 2012 among the Stars.

"Will the world end in 2012?" is the question of the day since the release of the Blockbuster film "2012". Some are accepting this fact while others are denying the fact in order to overcome their fear of dying. Various interviews and chats with the stars demonstrated the fact that not only a common man but also stars are having the phobias of dying in 2012 and many amongst them are even preparing themselves and their families to face this harsh reality. George Lucas, Ashton Kucher and Rapper Lil Wayne have accepted this fact in their interviews that they believe that perhaps the world will end in 2012. Even Woody Harrelson, the star of "2012" is of the same view to some extent. So let's wait and watch that who overcomes, Fear or Fact?