News, Facts & Gossip about Stage Fright

Stage fright in Childhood

Stage fright is a key issue which should be resolved before the child becomes grown-up, as this truly matters for becoming a self-assured person. From going through numerous researches, we find that in some parts of the US parents and educators are putting their efforts in giving their children opportunities to overcome the issue of stage fright. Nowadays schools are planning many occasions where children are asked to perform on stage and show their confidence. By this, a child can understand the fact that he/she has the potency to address and act well in public as well. The objective of such programs is to point out the one who is actually having such kinds of fright, and once you notify that a particular child is having issues you can work on them by discussing things, allowing them to practice more, suggesting them not to discontinue even if they screw up a little, and perform as much as they can.

Use your voice to defeat stage anxiety

Voice is also an important tool for elimination of stage fear. If you feel any depression during performance on the stage then you can use your voice for prevention. Warm voice is good to eliminate stage fear. You must keep humming softly in order to keep your voice warm. This will have a good impact on your performance. This is also helpful in overcoming your stage fear. You will get some rest from the tension and this rest will give you a clearer mind as well. The quality of your voice will also be improved due to humming but keep in mind that the humming must be soft. Many performers continue humming loudly and severely which increases their fright and also their performance suffers adversely. Soft humming is good for the voice and it is helpful in increasing the quality of voice. This increased quality of voice will improve the performance and the quality of performance will also be improved.

Ways to Play Guitar without facing Stage Fright

Are you by any chance a guitar player? Do your fingers start hurting when you start playing in public? Do not let this nightmare known as stage anxiety stop you from getting your performance to another level. You cannot completely eliminate stage dread, but you surely can master it. The key is to focus on only one person in the audience. Select an individual you want to impress by your playing and then concentrate on him or her. This will make it easy for you to play in a hall full of public. Secondly, do not feel yourself alone while facing such panic. Keep in mind that you are human, and humans make mistakes. Therefore, it would not be unusual if you get up on the stage and mess up for a few tunes. Always remember that you are the musician not the people in front of you. They will never realize that you made an error due to your stage fear. You are just required to focus on feeling the music than thinking about it.