News, Facts & Gossip about Stage Fright

How the birds and the bees ease stage fright

A British psychologist found a satisfying cure against stage fright: lovemaking. During a period of two weeks he surveyed young men and women to write down when and how often they had had it together. After that time the test persons had to give a speech or a public presentation. The men and women that made love during the two preceding weeks felt better during the presentation and experienced less stress than the others. Also, a lower blood pressure was observed. The scientist analyzed many possible influence factors like the persons' job and relationship situation. Nonetheless, their sexual habits were the best explanations for the observed differences. One cause may be the relaxing effect of lovemaking. This is even detectable one week later. However, the British scientist rather supports the potential key role of the hormone oxytocine that was already shown to improve well-being in a relationship. - "Sweetheart, you know, I have this presentation tomorrow ..."

Overcoming Stage fear during Comedy Performance

Whenever you get a microphone in your hand on a stage to perform a comedy act, thousands of discouraging thoughts ambush your mind. However, you are not supposed to take stage fright negatively. There are ways through which you can control your anxiety for the time you are on stage. Practice makes a man perfect! You must have heard this. Before setting your foot on stage, make sure that you practice your jokes well. Content is something that is in your hand, and you can control it easily. Once you get effective content, there is no need to be panicked. Secondly, you must commit your routine to memory. Memorize everything related to your performance by heart, which will help in surmounting your stage fear in no time. The last thing that you have to deem to get rid of stage phobia is the maintenance of your energy on stage. Feel the positive energy soaking through your pores at the time of your act. In short, be positive!

Stage Fright of Eating in Public Places

There are numerous types of stage fright. Panic during eating at a public place is one of them. You may think it as a rare dilemma. However, you may be amazed to know that this irrational alarm is one of the most common stage trepidations that people suffer. The feeling of being constantly starred and noticed is the basic symptom of this phobia. People suffering from such apprehension are not able to have food properly, and they just pretend to eat so that no one can notice that they are not eating. They constantly think about the exit points of the restaurants. To overcome such a situation it is important to have a constructive approach. There are a number of techniques like hypnotherapeutic methods and neuro-linguistic ways that help to control such fears. The key is to train your mind and imagination. You can do it with the right mind-set and a little of external help by the experts.