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Barbara Streisand blown by Stage fright

Stage fear is a common phenomenon when it comes to live performances by artists no matter if they are singers or any other sort of artists. However, it is hard to imagine that our shining celebrities as well can suffer problem. Can you think of Barbara Streisand forgetting her lines on the stage in front of a huge audience? Well, yes she got struck by stage apprehension at a concert in Central Park in the year of 1967 in New York. She was known for her social phobia due to which she was unable to perform in front of people for more than 27 years. After the incident of Central Park, she stopped performing on stage for a long period of time. However, eventually she pulled her out of this panic situation and stepped back into the industry in the year of 1994. She started with smaller shows after her come back and stepped up to the next levels, gradually overcoming her stage trepidation.

Bang the fear with a better attitude!

Performance on the stage can be improved with the help of better attitude. A large number of people are scared of going to the stage for one or the other reason. Your positive attitude can be one of the important elements in overcoming the stage fright. Many people feel comfortable and perform well in isolation but nervousness overcomes them when performing in front of huge audience. This anxiety is usually due to pressures on mind about the great performance. They desire to give their best in front of public and to get admiration and success. Happy and smiling face can win the heart of everyone during performance and this can be possible only by having positive attitude and feelings in the mind. So be optimistic and confident, if you want to take over your fears.

Conquering my fears on stage – A Guest Article

I stood rooted to the spot. My name had been announced and I was to go and take the seat on stage and charm the world by my hands on the violin! Right like i was really going to be able to do that! I hated public performances and I had no idea why my so-called friends had signed me up for this competition and now none of them where anywhere to be found when I really needed my wits or theirs for that matter. Well here goes nothing I thought and stepped on stage making the only choice I had to get on with it. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and fortunately made an effort to meet the audience in the eye and there they were, my friends sitting expectantly and waiting for me to conquer my fear. I couldn’t help but charm the audience! - James, Springfield