News, Facts & Gossip about Stage Fright

Doping against stage fright

About 50% of the professional musicians take alcohol or pills to get over their stage fright. Especially among orchestral musicians this is a common habit. Of course, this truth is kept in secret and you won't find a professional musician to talk about it. Their carrier heavily depends on their reputation. Further, compared to hobby musicians, for professionals their income is at risk. This rises the pressure of showing a perfect performance, and thus, increases stage fright. While men generally prefer alcohol before their show, for instance, as beer, wine or hard liquor, women tend to take pills. A popular medicine are betablockers. Usually, patients with heart problems get a prescription for these pills to keep down their blood pressure and minimize the risk of a heart attack. For healthy people, the blood pressure is held down during stressful situations, like when having stage fright. Having reduced fear symptoms, the brain will not think about stage fright and cannot start the vicious circle. Of course, it is clear that with prolonged consume of alcohol or drugs the body gets harmed and the risk of, e.g. liver damage, rises. Better solutions are mental training, hypnotherapy or the use of a suggestive mp3 to get over stage fright. Although, they often times do not act immediately, with regular training stage fright gets controllable without a health risk.

Do not let you Stage Dread Ruin Your Performance.

Every individual experiences stage-fear once in his or her life. It is most likely that you would have suffered from panic attack on stage at one occasion or the other. Always remember that you are supposed to let your dread make you a terrible speaker. It is a misconception that stage-fright makes it difficult for you to become an excellent presenter. In fact, it can help you in attaining a position as the best performer ever provided that you cope with it in an optimistic manner. It is absolutely up to you whether you want it to make you fall apart or you face it with courage and overcome it. Stand up tall on the stage in front of public instead of leaning on the dais for compensating your panic. Most of the people give an impression of being arrogant while addressing the audience for the first time due to apprehension. Try to be balanced in front of the hall filled with individuals. Avoid using unnatural body variation during your act. It gives a very unprofessional impression to the audience. Shortly, do not let your uncertainties overcome your speaking power!

Bathing Fear - An uncommon stage fright

You must be amazed to know that some people have a strange kind of stage horror known as fear of bathing. They panic to face themselves. There is no physical or mental threat in the process of cleaning yourself. However, there are some individuals that do not feel comfortable during bathing and shy away from the process. It may be a result of some past incident. If you are among the people with bathing fear, you are not alone at all. This type of stage fright is easily curable through medication as well as mental practices. One thing that you must consider before treatment is that, this sort of dread cannot be permanently cured by drugs. It is up to you how bravely you face your panic. The more exposed you are to your stage apprehension the higher are the chances to eliminate it from your life. Heart palpitation and excessive sweating at the name of bathing are the most common symptoms of bathing fear.